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The Plough, 2023

Our story


A settlement has stood on what is now Everdon since Saxon times. As with most English villages, Everdon also appears in the Doomsday survey of 1086. At that time the village was thinly populated with wholly farming folk. By the 1760’s the Parish had grown and continued to do so up to the late 1800’s with a population of around 900.

By 1900, the village also had a number of shops, a post office, butchers, 2 bakeries, a school , 2 chapels and  the inn.

Having been closed for nearly 3 ½ years, stage one of our multi stage project to bring this Inn back to its former glory is now complete. From May-July 2023 we have lovingly restored the internal parts of the pub, original part shine again, artisan craftsman have seamlessly added to the fabric of the building and future proofed to ensure the pub remains the hub of the community for many years to come.

A MODERN english INN

We are a village pub first and foremost, we are a bastion of good beer and conversation, a place where the bartender knows just enough to hold a conversation on any subject, a place where you can sit at the bar with your trusty Labrador and forget about your troubles, a place where debate is welcome, a place where phones should only be seen to settle the heated debate or check if we are some how losing another Ashes test match.

What we also offer is an experience that the French would call a bistro, the Italians call a trattoria and what we call a modern English Inn.  Our  atmosphere is subtly enhanced with an eclectic mix of pop, rock, soul, jazz, blues & electronica music, we wear jeans, we are just serious enough to reassure you on first viewing that the bottle of North Macedonian wine is an absolute winner while being relaxed enough to know the Bloody Mary you are drinking is probably the best you have ever had and words don’t need to be exchanged.

Our Food

Our food is based on a principle of minimal intervention. That’s not to say we don’t do anything. It’s more based around letting the produce sing which sometimes  requires a little kitchen wizardry, other times it requires knowledge of when to add a little heat, a little salt, a little acid, you get the point.

Our Produce

Our produce is based around seasonality, locality, taste and a little pragmatism. Northamptonshire and the surrounding counties have some sparkling purveyors. Native rare breed lambs and hogget’s from our village are some of the finest examples you will eat. We also accept that in certain instances we do have to stretch further afield (Everdon is a long way from the sea!) yet our principles remain steadfast, fish is taken where possible from wild stocks caught on lines and rods, we do also use certain farmed fish where wild stocks are in danger. These farms are some of the highest calibre, and the welfare of the animal is of the upmost importance which is reflected in its taste. Our menus change frequently, sometimes every day, this is based around wanting produce at its best but also with us aiming to be a zero-waste business we butcher everything where possible on site from whole carcases down to supplied joints.

Our Drinks

Our drinks offering follows a similar vein. Our wine list is European centric with wineries being sustainable and either organic or working towards this. We hold nearly 200 wines at any one time with over 10% being offered by the glass. Our spirits selection has breadth and depth in all areas. This isn’t the most conventional and often mainstream offerings are shunned in favour of artisan products. The proof is in the tasting and if you have a little chat with us we feel we can find you a new favourite.

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